Searching for a job is tough, but you don’t have to go at it alone without support. A recruiter can be an extremely helpful resource to streamline your job process, as their responsibility is to identify top candidates for employers who are hiring. Learn more about how a recruiter can help you find a career you love:

Benefits of Working with a Recruiter:

Vested Interest in Success 

A recruiter’s job is to fill roles for employers, so it is a mutually beneficial situation for you to get hired. You can feel confident a recruiter will have a vested interest in your success. 

Expert Insight

It can be difficult to get honest feedback when job searching. A recruiter has expert insight into exactly what employers are looking for and can give you advice to market yourself most effectively as a candidate. 

Access to More Opportunities

Many employers opt to work directly with staffing agencies for their open positions, meaning these jobs are not posted to the general public. Working with a recruiter will provide you access to more opportunities you may not have otherwise been able to discover. 

How to Make the Most of Working with a Recruiter:

Clarify Your Goals

Know exactly what you’re looking for in a job and employer and communicate that to your recruiter. Clarifying your goals will ensure you are both on the same page and prevent them from wasting time by bringing up opportunities that won’t work for you. 

Convey Professionalism

Your interactions with your recruiter will heavily influence their perception of you and whether they want to recommend you to employers. Convey professionalism by always being polite and respectful when communicating, dress appropriately for interviews, and be responsive when they reach out to you with questions or opportunities. 

Take Their Advice Seriously

The success of working with a recruiter to find a career you love depends on you. If they give you advice or feedback, it’s important to be open-minded, take it seriously, and act on it. 

Maintain the Relationship

Timing is a crucial component of a job search. Finding the ultimate opportunity for you may require some patience. Maintain the relationship with your recruiter, even if they don’t currently have the right roles for you. Reach out occasionally and let them know if anything has changed with your goals and simply to keep in touch. 

Work with a Recruiter to Achieve Your Goals

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