The foundation of a successful job search is an effective resume. The effort you put in up front will pay off by getting the attention of hiring managers and ensuring you are considered for the jobs for which you’re qualified. Build up your resume and get the job with these tips:

1. Strategically Include Keywords 

Review the job posting and make note of commonly used words and/or phrases. Since most online applications go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) which uses algorithms to filter out unqualified resumes, you must optimize your resume to make it obvious you meet the qualifications. Strategically include these keywords from the job posting throughout your resume so it doesn’t get filtered out. 

2. Focus on Readability

When hiring managers initially review resumes, it is often just a very quick glance. To prevent your resume from being rejected, focus on readability so it’s apparent within a few seconds that you are qualified. Format your text to include white space and use concise language to communicate your points. 

3. Catch Attention with Metrics

Stand out from the competition by supporting your qualifications with objective metrics. Avoid listing your previous job duties on your resume and instead, provide numbers or other statistics to demonstrate how well you performed them (i.e., “increased customer service satisfaction by X%” rather than “provided excellent customer service”) to catch the attention of hiring managers. 

4. Curate Your Content Based on Relevancy

Depending on the job, some of your qualifications may be more applicable than others. Don’t waste valuable space on your resume listing experience that has nothing to do with the job for which you’re applying. Curate your resume content based on relevancy for the job in question, such as by rearranging the order of your bullet points to highlight the ones that fit best, and removing anything that doesn’t strengthen your qualification. 

5. Write with an Active Voice

A strong resume requires strong, compelling language. Avoid using a passive voice (such as, “Responsible for…”) and instead, write with an active voice. Start your bullet points with verbs (such as “managed”, “oversaw”, or “prepared”) as a way to make it clear what you contributed to your previous employers in your role. 

6. Celebrate Your Achievements

Writing your resume is not the time to be modest about what you’ve accomplished in your career. Celebrate your professional achievements by highlighting in your bullet points any awards or recognition you received or credentials you earned that make it clear that you are a top performer. 

Make Your Job Search a Success

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