An internship can help you gain valuable experience for your resume, but it doesn’t have to end there. If you’re strategic and intentional, your internship can get your foot in the door and start your professional career. Learn more about how to turn your internship into a full-time job: 

Master the Basics of Professionalism

Treat your internship like one extended job interview and focus on making a positive lasting impression. Before you can be considered for a bigger opportunity, you need to demonstrate that you’ve mastered the basics of professionalism. Show up each day punctually and with a positive attitude. Pay attention to detail – always ask questions regarding expectations for any tasks and ensure you complete them according to instructions and ahead of deadline. 

Focus on Networking 

Organizations often cycle through many interns, so if you want to be memorable enough to land a full-time job, you have to get to know people there. Show interest in any employees you interact with – smile, ask questions about their careers, and invite them to have lunch or get coffee. These interactions can help you stand out from other interns and help you get personal recommendations that can open doors for future professional opportunities.

Request Feedback

As an intern, you’re still in the learning phase of your career and getting experience in a professional environment. To increase the likelihood of getting a full-time job after your internship, make it clear that you take the opportunity seriously by requesting feedback. Midway through your internship, ask your supervisor if you could arrange a meeting to discuss your performance, the areas in which you excel, and what skills you need to develop and/or improve. Then, most importantly: put this feedback into action, so you demonstrate growth and impress your manager. 

Express Your Aspirations

Don’t assume your internship supervisors know that you would like a job there. An internship’s main purpose is to figure out what you’re looking for in a career, so if you’ve decided you’d like them as an employer, speak up. Express your aspirations to your supervisor and let them know you’d be interested in being considered for a full-time position. 

Keep in Contact 

Landing a job is often a matter of timing, so make sure you are top-of-mind and accessible when an opportunity becomes available. Proactively reach out to the contact(s) you made from your internship periodically to stay in touch and demonstrate your continued interest in coming to work for them. 

Achieve Your Career Goals

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