Managers don’t want to lose their best employees over issues they have the power to fix. If you’re becoming burdened by an excessive workload with no end in sight, your boss needs to know before you reach the point of burnout. Here’s how you can tell your boss you’re feeling overwhelmed at work:

Request Guidance

When you are juggling many tasks and your boss assigns you more, don’t just accept it while silently stressing out and wondering how you’re going to get it done. Request their guidance on the best way to proceed – clarify the tasks you’re currently handling and then ask how this new assignment should be prioritized. This not only makes your boss aware of your mounting workload but can potentially alleviate your stress by having them decide to postpone some of the tasks.

Frame the Issue Appropriately 

If you’re becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down, take the right approach when you talk to your boss about it. Frame the issue appropriately, so you don’t come across as lacking work ethic or being a complainer. Highlight the fact that competing priorities are spreading you thin and preventing you from achieving the level of productivity on the tasks that will have maximum impact on the company.

Identify Solutions 

Discussing your workload with your boss is a delicate topic, since you want them to be on your side and not thinking you lack dedication or time management skills. Don’t bring up complaints if you don’t also have suggestions on how things could be improved. Identify possible solutions to make it clear that your main goal is to be a high-performing contributor, not to skirt your responsibilities. 

Stay Positive

Be intentional about the tone you take during the conversation. If you come across as too negative, your boss may not take what you’re saying seriously and just dismiss your feelings of being overwhelmed as you venting or just having a bad day. Stay as positive as you can – don’t assign blame to anyone in particular and stick to objective facts. 

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