If you are responsible for managing a team of employees, it’s crucial to have an intentional strategy in place. The most effective managers opt to lead their teams to excel rather than simply boss them around and give orders. Learn more about the difference between being a leader and being a boss:

Leaders Communicate the Why. Bosses Simply Assign Tasks.

A leader understands that employees are people with emotions and can’t be managed as if they were a process. When they give work to their staff, they discuss why it is important in the bigger picture in order to influence employees to feel engaged with their work. Bosses, on the other hand, just tell employees what work to do without providing any further context. 

Leaders Listen to Their Employees’ Input. Bosses Only Give Orders.

The key to effectively managing employees is by understanding their perspectives. Leaders aim to gather as much information from their employees as possible so they can troubleshoot issues and ensure they have the tools to succeed. However, bosses talk to their employees to tell them what to do without being open to any pushback or questions. 

Leaders Highlight Employees’ Value. Bosses Take Employees for Granted.

Although employees are obviously being compensated for the work they provide, leaders go above and beyond to let them know how much their work is valued and appreciated in order to maintain motivation and morale. Bosses don’t take the extra effort to thank their employees because they may think it’s unnecessary as employees are being paid to do so. 

Leaders Coach Employees Through Difficulties. Bosses Discipline for Shortcomings. 

A leader sees themselves as a mentor, whose job is to guide their employees to improve on their weaknesses in an objective, nonjudgmental way. When bosses notice issues, they tend to use disciplinary actions to force employees into doing better on their own instead of examining the underlying root causes. 

Leaders View Themselves as Part of a Team. Bosses View Themselves as Above Their Staff.

A true leader doesn’t focus on hierarchy but rather on the best way they and their employees can collaborate to accomplish goals. A manager who behaves like a boss focuses more on authority and doesn’t directly get involved in any lower-level tasks or try to build trustworthy relationships with their workers. 

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