Whether you’ve been out of work due to a COVID-19-related layoff or you’re currently employed but considering a change, the current state of the job market makes it an opportune time to start searching. Learn more about why now is the best time to find a new job opportunity: 

Certain Industries Have Spiked in Demand

While many industries were unfortunately hit hard by the pandemic and are still struggling to recover, other sectors are booming and have a greater demand than ever. Healthcare, technology, logistics, warehouses, customer service, and e-commerce are still thriving and looking for more workers. Take advantage of this increase in demand by getting your job search started this spring, so you don’t miss out on it being a candidate’s job market. 

Recruiting Efforts Are Increasing

As the future starts to look brighter in regards to the impact of the pandemic, employers who had implemented hiring freezes are starting to restart their recruiting efforts. Even if they are not immediately ready to hire, they are likely to start networking and building their talent pipelines in preparation for filling roles in the near future. By preparing for your job search now, you will be ready as soon as those spots open up. 

Additional Availability in Temporary or Contract Work

Many employers may not have full-time roles available yet but are likely to be cautiously testing out their staffing needs with temporary or contract work. If you’re trying to fill gaps in your resume, get your foot in the door of a particular employer, or want to change careers, consider pursuing these types of short-term assignments this spring. Plus, you never know if temporary could lead to a job offer when the time is right for the company. 

You’ve Had Time for Reflection

The pandemic abruptly changed the day-to-day lives of workers and presented a unique opportunity for contemplation on what they want out of their professional lives post-COVID-19. Now that you’ve had this time for reflection, you’ve likely gained some clarity on what you want out of a job, making it an ideal time to make these changes happen by pursuing a new job. 

Explore Your Job Options

Find opportunities that are right for you by working with an experienced staffing agency like PrideStaff Akron. Our team of recruiters can match you with the jobs that are the best match from employers across industries. Search our database of currently available jobs to get started.

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