Working with a recruiter for your job search can be a successful strategy. However, the effectiveness depends on how candid you are with them. Check out these seven reasons why you should be fully transparent with your recruiter: 

1. Other Pending Opportunities

First and foremost, your recruiter must know about any other job opportunities you have applied for, and especially if you are in the running to receive an offer. It is a professional courtesy, but it also will prevent them from submitting you for a job that you have already applied for on your own. 

2. Salary 

Letting your recruiter know about your salary history and your requirements will allow them not to waste everyone’s time if you progress in the interview process only to find out the opportunity falls well below what you would be willing to accept. 

3. Career Goals

Speaking up about both your short-term and long-term career goals provides your recruiter with the essential information they need to filter through possible positions. If you are not upfront and detailed about your goals, the recruiter won’t have adequate criteria to match you to jobs that would be a good fit. 

4. Company Culture

Don’t be shy about what type of company culture you prefer or know definitively won’t be a match for you. Knowing the company culture you would align with best is very helpful for your recruiter because they can recommend you for jobs that you not only have the qualifications for, but would have a higher likelihood of job satisfaction and not leave quickly. 

5. Schedule Needs

If you have specific schedule needs, tell your recruiter at the very beginning of the process. Otherwise, they will waste valuable time bringing you opportunities, only to find out after they’ve put in the effort that they will not work for your needs. 

6. Soft Skills

One of the major benefits of using a recruiter to help with your job search is their insider knowledge on what the employers in question are looking for in candidates beyond their work experience and education. Be transparent with your recruiter on your strongest soft skills (such as communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, or leadership), so they can present you in the most competitive way possible. 

7. Your Level of Interest

You and your recruiter have the mutual goal of you being hired for a job that is the perfect fit for you. If they bring you opportunities that you are not interested in, don’t feign interest out of politeness. Be honest about your level of interest and why so when new opportunities are discussed so they have the knowledge they need. 

Find New Opportunities 

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