When summer hits, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of desire to be productive, especially while working remotely, when you would rather be enjoying warm-weather activities and vacation fun. Stay motivated while working from home in the summer with these tips:

Prioritize Your Workload 

When you know productivity is likely to be a struggle, don’t waste any effort on tasks that don’t have an impact. Prioritize your workload by setting daily goals on what you want to accomplish, then focus on just those high-yield tasks. If you run out of motivation after a while, at least you know you made progress on a task that matters. 

Work With Yourself 

Consider the times of day in which you tend to be the most effortlessly productive and have the most energy and focus – i.e., do you start strong in the morning and then fizzle out at mid-afternoon? Then work with your own natural tendencies as much as possible. When creating your schedule for the day, handle the most mentally taxing things on your To-Do list during the periods you know you’ll most likely be at your peak of motivation.

Get Moving

When you work from home, you may not get up as much throughout the day as you would in an office. This lack of physical activity can make you feel mentally lethargic. To feel more motivated while working at home over the summer, schedule in time to get moving. Take a few quick walks outside throughout the day (such as 10 minutes each before work, at lunch, and as a mid-afternoon break) to get your blood flowing, your energy up, and enjoy some summer weather.

Start Small

The hardest part of tackling a task is actually starting. However, once you overcome that initial mental hurdle, it’s easier to continue since you have some momentum. When you lack motivation, make a deal with yourself to start small, such as working on a particular task for just 10 minutes. If you need to stop, then you can – but you likely won’t feel like you need to.

Schedule Time Off

If your motivation is majorly lacking and nothing seems to really help, it could be a warning sign of burnout. With working from home, it can be difficult to maintain boundaries between personal and work time, so schedule time completely off to enjoy summer activities and help you recharge. You’ll then likely return to working with a renewed sense of effortless motivation.

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