According to the Department of Labor, parents comprise a significant amount of the entire working population – 71.2 percent of mothers and 92.3 percent of fathers with children under the age of 18 were employed in 2020. If you fail to take the necessary steps to allow your working parent employees the work-life balance they need, your company will likely lose out on many top performers and have difficulty attracting new talent. Check out these four ways to support and retain working parents:

Start a Discussion

Establish an open dialogue to determine your working parent employees’ current satisfaction levels with their jobs overall, especially how they feel about work-life balance. Gather their feedback so you can determine their unique needs and how to best be supportive to them. For example, they may think you have higher expectations of them regarding workload turnaround and accessibility than is actually true, and just letting them know that could alleviate anxiety. 

Implement Parent-Friendly Benefits and Perks

Cultivate a company culture that is supportive of working parents by implementing official policies. Offering paid parental leave, affordable, comprehensive healthcare plans, flexible work schedules, and remote work opportunities demonstrate your commitment to being a parent-friendly employer. These types of benefits and perks can often be the deciding factors in whether or not a working parent is able to stay in the workforce. 

Focus on Results 

Micromanaging negatively impacts productivity and morale for all employees, but especially for working parents. Reduce the pressure your working parent employees may feel to get things done within a tightly defined timeframe and instead focus on results only. Establish your expectations upfront in terms of deadlines and any other necessary details, and step back and let them get it done however they choose. This flexibility will empower them to establish the work-life balance they need while still being productive performers. 

Be Empathetic

Many working parents are concerned about not seeming like they are committed, team players if they have to take time off or can’t stay at the office as late because of their family responsibilities. Be empathetic to the obligations they are juggling and take the time to recognize their effort, and express your appreciation for their hard work. 

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