Hiring managers may receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for one open position. Although it can be challenging for you to get noticed, if you’re strategic with your job search, you can be the one to land the job. Stand out in a competitive job market with these tips:

Do Your Research

For each job you apply to, do some research on the company. If you want to be able to make a memorable first impression, you must understand what the company does and its mission and culture. This will allow you to tailor your cover letter and resume content and your interview responses to appeal to the company’s specific needs in an employee. Review the company’s website, social media, and any news or press releases to learn about it.

Highlight the Right Skills

Never submit the exact same resume for every job for which you apply. Even for similar positions, it’s likely each employer will prioritize the qualifications differently, so you won’t be showcasing your skills appropriately if you don’t customize your resume. Carefully review each job posting and determine which skills are the most important, then rearrange your resume to highlight your experience in those areas.

Write a Compelling Cover Letter

When you’re competing against many candidates with similar work backgrounds to yours, your cover letter is your most effective tool at standing out. A compelling cover letter uses your own voice to show some personality, provides context to your resume and why you have the right qualifications, and expresses your enthusiasm for the role. 

Tap Your Network

If you can get a personal referral from someone who is trusted by the hiring manager, you may be able to get your application prioritized (or even be able to skip the application process completely). Tap into your network and see if anyone you know has connections to the employer or specific hiring manager and would be willing to recommend you and provide your resume directly. 

Work with a Staffing Agency 

Rather than going at your job search alone, improve your chances of getting noticed by getting support and working with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies provide employers with qualified candidates for their job openings and can connect you directly to the opportunities for which you’re qualified.

Explore Your Job Options

Find opportunities that are right for you by working with an experienced staffing agency like PrideStaff Akron. Our team of recruiters can match you with the jobs that are the best match for employers across industries. Search our database of currently available jobs to get started.

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