Human Resources (HR) is a field with so many opportunities, from a wide variety of industries to different HR area specialties. Once you’ve gotten your initial professional experience in HR, you may be ready to take it to the next level. Learn more about how you can advance your career in HR:

Excel at Tasks of All Levels

You won’t be able to move up in the HR world until you’ve demonstrated that you can handle more basic tasks. Show that you are ready for more responsibility by excelling at tasks of all levels. Go above and beyond to complete administrative tasks efficiently and accurately and to gain as much expertise as possible.

Develop Solutions to Pain Points

The most valuable employees to an organization are the ones who identify problems and brainstorm ways to solve them. To advance your HR career, be proactive at developing solutions to any pain points that are reducing productivity or morale. This will make it clear that you have the potential to be an even more valuable asset at a higher level.

Volunteer for New Projects 

Take every opportunity you can to show that you’re a dedicated team player. Volunteer for new projects whenever you can. Not only does it make it clear that you’re engaged and ambitious, but it can give you more experience, such as in project management or leadership,  to boost your resume. 

Gain New Skills 

In addition to getting more professional HR experience for your resume, it can also be helpful to your career progression to gain new technical skills. Consider pursuing certifications in key areas in which you’re interested in specializing in for your HR career. Having educational credentials can help you stand out from other HR candidates.

Grow Your Professional Network 

Reach out to other HR professionals to grow your professional network, such as by attending networking events and continuing education conferences. This gives you an opportunity to get advice from professionals who are at the level to which you aspire. They may also be able to give you job leads or even personally recommend you for positions.

Find New Opportunities 

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