Discussing your shortcomings is one of the most difficult topics in a job interview. After all, you’re trying to sell yourself as the best candidate and leave the most positive impression possible. However, hiring managers will generally ask you about your biggest weakness to gain insight into what type of employee you truly are, so you must be prepared to respond to it in a way that doesn’t hinder your standing. Learn more about how to tackle the “What is your biggest weakness?” interview question:

Be Sincere

The strategy of responding with a weakness that isn’t really a weakness (i.e., “I’m a perfectionist” or “I work too hard”) will typically backfire because it comes across as dishonest, and hiring managers can see right through it. Be sincere when you decide how to answer this question. Do some self-reflection prior to your interview and think of a few actual weaknesses you have so you are prepared to discuss the topic rather than avoid it genuinely. 

Be Selective

Once you’ve narrowed down some of your genuine weaknesses, consider if any of them would come across as making you unqualified for the position. For example, if you’re interviewing for a position that would include numerous administrative duties, don’t say that you have trouble multitasking. Be selective by discussing a weakness that isn’t related to a core part of the job for which you’re interviewing (i.e., if you’re not great at public speaking, it shouldn’t matter if you’re not expecting to sell products or give presentations). 

Be Self-Aware

Conclude your interview answer regarding your weakness by highlighting steps you’ve taken to address it. Provide a specific example of when you realized your weakness was holding you back professionally, what you did to improve, and how exactly you are better now. This shows that you are self-aware and can objectively receive feedback, take a holistic view of your own actions without getting defensive, and be open to gaining new skills and growing. For example, if your weakness was shyness and not speaking up, you could elaborate on how you overcame the intimidation by making a goal to speak up at least once per meeting and writing down your ideas beforehand until you started to gain more confidence. 

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