Writing job descriptions may appear to be straightforward, but it requires more strategy than just compiling a quick list of duties and qualifications. The amount of effort you devote to creating a comprehensive job posting that clearly and succinctly describes the job and the ideal candidate will pay off by attracting more qualified applicants. Check out these tips on writing an attractive job description: 


No matter how great your content is, if the formatting is unappealing to the eye, job seekers may miss relevant information or even skip reading it over altogether. Develop a structure for your job description that is divided into clear sections with bullet points for key details. 


Write your job description with a neutral or positive tone, so you don’t come across as off-putting to candidates. For example, “Applicants with fewer than 5 years of experience will not be considered” may seem harsh as compared to, “This is a senior-level position, so we are looking for candidates who have experience successfully leading a team.” 


Since job seekers are most likely searching online for jobs, ensure you are using a commonly accepted job title when writing the description. Being creative with the title can backfire because your posting may not show up in search results for qualified candidates who are using more standard keywords. Even if the position’s official title isn’t within industry norms, you may want to consider adding a clarifying keyword/phrase in parenthesis so you get the attention of the right applicants.  


Listing out the responsibilities of a job is among the most crucial aspects of the description. Break down the overall responsibilities of the position into bullet points that describe specific job duties. It is essential to be as accurate and detailed as possible so potential candidates have a realistic idea of the role, if they will be a good fit and what a typical day will be like for them. 


Don’t include a “wish list” of qualifications – instead, take some time to reflect on the ideal candidate and what qualifications they have that would make them successful for the role. Think beyond education and work history, and also highlight the soft skills and personality traits that are necessary to be a strong performer for the position. This will help you better attract the candidates who have the most potential to be hired. 


Remember: job descriptions are not just purely informative. They are also a marketing opportunity to “sell” the position to the right candidates. Don’t forget to include a section on the positive aspects of your company as an employer, such as a supportive culture, professional development opportunities, comprehensive benefits package, and other attractive perks. 

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