Gig economy refers to employment that is based on working short-term jobs or assignments rather than one steady job with an employer. Whether you’re having trouble landing a full-time job or have other obligations that don’t align with full-time work, trying out temporary employment may be an option that fits your needs. Check out these five benefits of the gig economy: 

1. You Have Flexibility

With the gig economy, you don’t have to fit your lifestyle around your job – instead, you have the flexibility to only take on assignments if/when it works for you. This allows you to have control over your schedule, employer, and type of work you do. 

2. It Prevents Resume Gaps

Having gaps on your resume of extended periods of time between jobs can be seen as a potential red flag to future employers who may be concerned about your skills being stale from being out of the workforce or that you lack ambition or professionalism. Working short-term jobs prevents resume gaps by giving you consistent and recent work experience to put on your resume in case you want to eventually transition to a full-time job again. 

3. You Can Learn New Skills

If you’re looking to gain experience in a different industry or role, temporary employment can be a strategic move for your long-term career goals. You can learn new skills by trying out a variety of different gigs, which can then help you be a more marketable candidate for any jobs you apply for in the future. 

4. There’s No Commitment 

If you end up not liking a particular job or you’re not a fit with company culture, you can easily move on without burning bridges or concern about looking like a job hopper. There’s no commitment with the gig economy – you can do as many or as few assignments as you want and as often as you like.

5. It Provides Variety 

If you’re the type of person who thrives off new experiences, the gig economy can help you switch up your work life and get to try out new things. It provides variety so you can step outside your comfort zone or follow your interests easily.

Find New Opportunities 

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