The challenges of balancing work during a pandemic cannot be understated, and it likely requires much more effort than normal for your employees to remain productive. Ensure they realize that you have not taken that hard work for granted. Check out these ways to say thank you and show your staff appreciation after a difficult year:


Timely Words of Praise

Get into the habit of giving your employees compliments immediately after you observe them going above and beyond. Not only will this keep you from forgetting, but it will be more meaningful to be consistently recognized rather than just during specific annual times, such as during the holiday season.


Thoughtful Thank You Notes

Simple but sincere is the key to making your employees truly feel appreciated. Write out thoughtful thank you notes that are personalized for each of your staff members, in which you specify precisely how they have helped you or exactly what it is about them for which you are grateful. It will take minimal time and money, but have maximum impact on your team. 


Public Company-Wide Recognition

Saying thank you to your team on a larger scale can make them feel special because it demonstrates that you’re proud of your team and want to share it. Provide public company-wide recognition, such as at a meeting/event or in an employee newsletter or mass email, so higher-level leadership can know about your team’s hard work. 


Host a Fun Activity 

Throw your employees a social event, such as a catered meal at the office, going out to a restaurant, or attending an off-site event together. Hosting a fun activity gives your team much-needed time to connect with one another and take a break from the demands of their day-to-day work. 


Offer Extra Time Off

Time is a commodity hard to come by, so if plausible, surprise your team and give them the gift of an extra day off or leaving early with pay. It is beneficial not just to express your gratitude to your team. It can also help them recharge and come back refreshed and ready to continue doing what they do best: working hard and providing significant value to you and your organization as a whole. 


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