Setting goals and tracking their performances is the key to accountability for you and your employees. As the year-end approaches, it’s the ideal time to review your current goals, determine areas for improvement and growth, and utilize these insights to solidify your strategy for next year. Learn more about how to evaluate your company’s 2021 goals and set yourself up for success in 2022: 

Review Your Metrics 

Take a look back at the metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), related to your 2021 goals. Not only will this serve as a baseline for setting 2022’s goals, but it will also be the criteria for evaluating the level to which you achieved your 2021 goals. Document as objectively as possible the final outcome of 2021’s endeavors. 

Discuss Successes and Obstacles

Once you’ve taken a look at your data, dive deeper into what went well, as well as what negatively affected you and your team’s ability to achieve desired results. Discuss your successes and obstacles to solidify your strategy for crushing your 2022 goals by leveraging your strengths and troubleshooting issues. 

Clarify Your Main Priorities 

After you’ve thoroughly reviewed 2021, it’s time to look to the future and set your 2022 goals. Brainstorm all that you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year, and then take time to clarify your main priorities out of the list. This will help you and your team determine where to spend their time and effort, especially during instances in which they have to make choices on how to utilize limited resources for maximum impact. 

Create Long and Short Term Goals

As you plan for 2022, ensure you don’t only focus on what you want to have achieved by the end of next year. Short-term goals are also a crucial component – not only do they keep you and your team on track and accountable as the year progresses, but they also keep motivation up since there is a sense of accomplishment on a more consistent basis. 

Plan Regular Review Sessions

To increase the likelihood of successfully achieving your goals in 2022, make it a priority to consistently check up on their status and make adjustments as needed. After you have defined your 2022 targets you’d like to reach, plan in regular review sessions. Decide now how often you would like to review the performance of your goals throughout the year and get it onto your schedule.

Attract Top Talent 

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