Everything from an organization’s mission and core values to the work environment and overall behaviors and attitudes exhibited by employees and leadership contributes to a company’s culture. Since it can heavily influence overall job satisfaction, candidates are increasingly more selective in deciding which job offers to accept based on the culture of the prospective employer – particularly in the current labor market that favors job seekers. Learn more about the importance of company culture in 2022:


A positive company culture not only attracts prospective candidates but is also more likely to keep them from leaving. By focusing on cultivating a culture in which employees feel valued, they will be more committed to your company and less likely to resign. Improving your retention rates not only saves time and money, but it also continues to strengthen the culture you’ve built. 


When company culture is lacking (or even worse, if it’s negative), it can cause a steep decline in productivity. When employees don’t feel supported or connected to their colleagues and leadership, it may take longer to get things done because of a lack of teamwork. 


It can be difficult for employees to feel motivated if they are unhappy with the day-to-day energy in the workplace. Prioritizing your company’s culture can boost morale, which not only improves overall job satisfaction but also encourages teamwork that makes employees able to perform at high standards in an enjoyable manner – in turn, this fosters their mental and emotional wellness. 


When employees are content with going to work each day because the culture is positive, they generally end up having higher rates of engagement. Engaged employees feel a deeper sense of connection and commitment to their employers and get personal satisfaction from going above and beyond with their work. 


When you put in the effort of creating a positive company culture, it not only pays off in the short term by making prospective candidates more likely to accept your job offers, it can also help your company’s long-term success by strengthening its branding. Many customers/clients want their money to go to companies that are known for treating their employees well – even if their products or services aren’t the lowest cost. Building your employer brand will also continue to help you attract top talent with less effort due to your positive reputation. 

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