A hybrid workplace model may seem like the ideal flexible solution by incorporating both in-office and remote work. However, for it to be successful in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction, it’s crucial to utilize it strategically. Help your company thrive in a hybrid environment with these five tips:

1. Establish Procedures 

With employees going back and forth between in-office and remote, it’s important to have standards specifically outlined in order for operations to be consistent, accessible, and secure, regardless of location. Establish official procedures for what platforms are used for file storage or communication. Otherwise, you risk employees not being able to collaborate effectively. Also, outline any necessary security measures employees must have in place for their remote work devices, so any confidential company information isn’t at risk of hacking.

2. Foster Teamwork and Positive Culture 

With some employees at the office and others working remotely, there aren’t the same opportunities for spontaneous interactions; therefore, fostering teamwork and a positive workplace culture will require intention on your part. Plan regular group meetings that bring together the whole team and have group chat threads to encourage relationship building and collaboration. Check in one-on-one with individuals to see how things are going, and make it a point to recognize and thank employees for their effort and achievements.

3. Set Clear Expectations 

Decide exactly how your hybrid working model is going to function. Set clear expectations regarding exactly how the work will be split between in-office and remote. For example, will employees be assigned specific days to come into the office each week or only “as needed” (and if so, what are the qualifying circumstances)? Also, can employees set their own remote work schedules or will they need to maintain set times of availability? Make the details clear so employees know what is expected of them. 

4. Treat Everyone Fairly

Unfortunately, hybrid working models have the potential to create a situation in which there is a clear division between employees who primarily work in the office and those who are more remote. Treat everyone fairly and ensure you are not subconsciously biased toward the employees who are more in-person when you make decisions for raises, promotions, or other opportunities by using the same performance evaluation criteria for everyone to eliminate subjectivity.

5. Get Employee Input 

As your workplace operates with a hybrid model, continue to regularly assess its effectiveness and change tactics as needed. Get employee input to determine if they are having any issues with productivity or morale. Use their feedback and any observations of your own to update your procedures and expectations until you find a hybrid model that fits your company’s needs.

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