The more nervous a candidate is during a job interview, the less likely it is you will be able to gain much insight into what type of employee they would be if hired. Having some icebreaker questions prepared can help put your candidates at ease and make the conversation flow more easily. Here are five questions to start meaningful conversations with candidates:

1. What motivated you to make the decision to start your job search?

Rather than immediately making candidates prove their qualifications and why they should be considered, take the pressure off by asking what brought them to this point. Looking for a new job is a major decision, and hearing their reasoning can help you learn more about their level of ambition.

2. What factors are most important to you at this stage of your career? 

Asking about a candidate’s core values is a great way to get them to organically open up to you since people are more inclined to discuss things that are deeply important to them easily. Plus, this question functions in a practical way by giving you a sense of what drives them professionally and if they would align with your company culture. 

3. What factors will you be using to determine what jobs to pursue and to make your final decision?

This is another question that can encourage candidates to discuss what’s important to them personally, rather than feeling the pressure to prove themselves immediately. It will also help you learn more about if what they are looking for in their next job aligns with your company.

4. What in particular made you intrigued at possibly working for this company? 

Gain rapport and make an authentic connection with candidates by encouraging them to open up about what makes them excited about working for your company. It will also give you the opportunity to communicate additional information regarding culture, perks, or other relevant information. 

5. What aspect of your profession makes you look forward to going to work each morning? 

Asking a candidate to divulge the aspects of their work that keeps them engaged will help your conversation dive below the surface into the deeper topic of internal motivation. You will find out what type of management style would be the most beneficial for them if hired by understanding what motivates them and makes them passionate about their work. 

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