If you set your annual goals in January, now is the time to check up on how things are going as mid-year approaches. To ensure you are able to achieve your desired results by the end of the calendar year, take some time now to adjust accordingly. Learn more about how to determine if you are on track to meet your mid-year goals:


Assess the Relevance of Each Goal

Just because you set a goal at the start of the year doesn’t necessarily mean it is still the best use of your time to pursue, so mid-year is an opportune time to make the choice so you can focus on more pressing goals.  Assess the relevance of each of your goals to decide if they fit with the direction your company is going in and its broader organizational goals, as well as the needs of your own department and specific position. 


Evaluate Progress

Take a look at your individual goals and clearly define the current state to evaluate your progress and how you need to approach them moving forward. If you have already achieved them well ahead of schedule, perhaps you need to challenge yourself more, while those you have barely made progress on may require more time actively set aside to devote to tackling them. 


Review Prioritization

Once you’ve clarified how far you’ve come toward completing your goals, you may now need to make a choice on how much of your time should be geared toward each specific goal. Review the prioritization level for your goals to decide if they should remain a focus, get pushed further down your list, or perhaps be postponed to a later time period. 


Identify Roadblocks 

Often mid-year can be a wake-up call that you are critically behind in your annual goals. Take this opportunity to objectively identify the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving them. For example, do you struggle with procrastination, getting distracted, not having the tools you need, or having an overly heavy workload? Clarify what issues you are having so you can determine the support or changes necessary, and then use your findings to solidify your goal strategy for year-end.


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