Performance reviews don’t have to fill you with dread or anxiety. Rather than feeling like you are only there to be judged, make the meeting more enjoyable and useful for you by turning it into a back-and-forth active conversation. Check out these important questions to ask during your next performance review:


What skill sets should I focus on developing?

Your manager will likely focus their feedback on how you are performing at your predetermined goals. Don’t just leave it at your current performance – instead, broaden the conversation by asking what additional skill sets you should focus on developing for the future. This can give you valuable insight into proactively planning your own long-term goals rather than simply working on what your current role entails. 


How should I measure my progress?

The reason performance reviews can bring about such nervousness is because of the potential uncertainty that despite your best efforts, you still fell short of your boss’s expectations. Be in a better, more informed position for your next performance review meeting by getting clarification on how success will be measured in their eyes. Having clearly defined expectations will help you guide your efforts and have stronger confidence in where you stand.  


Is there anything I can do to help the team more?

Demonstrate to your boss that you don’t just want to fulfill the duties and goals assigned to you but also care about the bigger picture. Make it clear that you want to be a valuable asset by asking if there is anything else you can do or learn to help the team more so everyone can succeed. 


What is a realistic timeline for growth opportunities?

Your long-term career progression is up to you – unless you advocate for yourself, your boss will likely assume that you are happy with your current position and don’t wish to move up. Requesting to learn more about the finer details of how promotions, raises, or other growth opportunities work at your employer will not only show your boss that you are indeed interested but also puts you in a positive light by making it clear you are willing to be patient and put in the work, versus coming across as entitled. 


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