Working from home has many benefits, like flexibility, lack of commute, and increased autonomy, but it can also contribute to burnout. Living in the same place that you work can mean that you truly never feel like you are fully able to separate personal and professional obligations, leading to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. If you are experiencing work-from-home burnout, here is how you can recover:


Prioritize Your Physical Needs

You may not be able to control your workload or personal obligations, but you can put yourself in the best position possible to handle them by prioritizing your physical needs. Getting a full night’s sleep, eating nutritional meals, staying hydrated, and making time for physical activity will fuel your body and make your tasks feel like less of a struggle. 


Set Strict Boundaries

To overcome work-from-home burnout, you must implement separation between your working hours and your personal time. Set strict boundaries both physically and mentally between working and personal needs. Create a defined workspace and decide what hours you will be working and stick to them. This will prevent your work life from slowly creeping into your personal time and then feeling like you are always working and never decompressing. 


Take Breaks Throughout the Day

When you are in a physical workplace in person, you would be getting brief respites throughout the day, from water cooler chat to having to get more steps in to walk for a restroom break. At home, it can be difficult to not inadvertently overwork yourself because of the lack of interruptions. Pace yourself by taking breaks throughout the day when working from home so you can recharge. For example, you can set an alarm once per hour to remind you to get up and move around for five minutes to get your blood flowing and give your brain time to rest. 


Connect With Your Coworkers

Even if you enjoy working independently, you may find yourself feeling isolated occasionally when you work from home. Connect with your coworkers, such as setting up a group chat to have casual conversations on a regular basis. This can make you feel like more of a member of the team and make your workday more satisfactory. 


Ask for Support

If you have tried to alleviate your work-from-home burnout on your own and it isn’t working, it is crucial to let your manager know so they can help. Set up a time to chat and ask for their support, such as requesting more flexibility or clarifying expectations together. 


Find New Opportunities 

Chronic burnout may mean it is time for you to pursue a new role. Team up with PrideStaff Akron to explore the possibilities! We work with employers in the Akron area for their hiring needs, and can match you with the job opportunities that are the best fit for you. Search our database of current available jobs. 

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