Although there are best practices for job searching that are constant, depending on the time of year you apply for jobs may require you to tweak your strategy a bit. Summer tends to be a more relaxed job searching season, but you can still be successful at landing a new opportunity. Here’s what you should know about job searching this summer:

Employers Are Still Hiring 

There are plenty of jobs openings available during the summer, so don’t think you shouldn’t bother searching just because it’s already the midpoint of the year and you think employers have already filled their quotas. Many employers are hiring over the summer because it is a common time for employees to put in their resignations so they can enjoy summer vacation and take additional time off before starting a new role. Plus, the fact that the year is half over often means that employers are assessing the progress they have made on their annual goals and may be realizing they need to increase staffing to achieve their desired results. 

There May Be Less Competition

Although employers are indeed still hiring over the summer, there is a widespread preconceived notion among job seekers to the contrary. That can work to your benefit as you are likely to face less competition when job searching over the summer since many other candidates won’t bother and will instead wait until closer to the beginning of the new year to start looking. This is a prime opportunity to get noticed by hiring managers more easily since you don’t be up against so many other applicants. 

You Will Need to Be Patient 

Since summer is a very popular time for taking vacation time, it is likely that hiring managers will not be as available as other times of the year. The hiring process, while still active, tends to move more slowly over the summer. You will need to be patient and set your expectations accordingly so you are not deterred by it taking longer to hear back. Be proactive at clarifying expected timelines with hiring managers so you have a clear understanding of how the process is likely to go.

Find the Right Job for You

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