Temporary to hire is an employment model in which you work with a staffing company to bring on an employee for a predetermined amount of time – but with the option to extend a permanent offer afterwards. It can provide flexibility you need for an optimal hiring process. Learn more about why temporary to hire can be effective in finding employees:


Opportunity to Preview a Trial Performance

Making hiring decisions is mainly based on educated guesswork, which unfortunately isn’t always accurate. Many ultimately bad hires seem highly qualified and give impressive interviews – only to not have that potential come to fruition once they are hired. By utilizing temporary to hire, you have the opportunity to preview a trial performance of an employee without commitment. You can see the quality of their work, their character traits, interpersonal skills, and how they align with the company culture before you make a decision on if they would be the right employee for your company. 


Helps Determine Overall Staffing Needs

If your current team of employees is overworked or your business is experiencing a spike in demand, you may need additional support but be uncertain if it’s a long term staffing need. If you miscalculate, you can end up having to make a difficult decision down the line to eliminate positions if you make a permanent hire for a short term increase in demand. By going with temporary to hire, it can help you determine your overall staffing needs. You can observe how having more workers helps improve productivity, service, and morale.


Saves You Time 

Temporary to hire is typically handled through a staffing company, who will work with you to find qualified candidates. This can save you a significant amount of time in getting employees in the door because you will not have to do the advertising, screening, interviewing and evaluating. Plus, a staffing company already has a pipeline of talent in their network and the experience in how to get positions filled quickly and accurately.


Partner with Us for Recruitment

Find top talent to join your team with PrideStaff Akron. Our experienced team of staffing experts will work with you to understand your needs, and provide you with qualified candidates. Contact us for more information. 

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