As remote and hybrid work becomes more commonplace, it’s just as likely that you could be requested to be interviewed in person or virtually at any given time during your job search. Since the setups are so different between the two formats, your strategies need to be adjusted accordingly. Check out these tips about how to best prepare for different interview formats: 


Planning the Logistics 

No matter what format a job interview is, it is unprofessional to arrive late. However, planning ahead to ensure a prompt arrival is different for in person vs virtual interviews.


When you are meeting for a face-to-face interview, you can ease pre-interview jitters and ensure you are on time by looking up the route to the interview location and planning your commute with extra buffer time. If possible, actually visit the location ahead of time so you can troubleshoot any navigation issues beforehand. 


For a virtual interview, you also need to troubleshoot – but with your technology setup. Prior to your interview, log into the video conferencing software, check for any updates, and practice using it so you feel comfortable.


Mastering Nonverbal Communication 

A major part of making a strong first impression in a job interview is your nonverbal communication, especially as you introduce yourself and how you look when you answer questions.


With an in person interview, you have more opportunities to use body language to convey confidence. During your introduction, make eye contact, smile, and give a firm handshake. As you are answering questions, sit up straight and maintain eye contact so you appear genuine and not overly anxious.


Virtual interviews present less opportunity to use nonverbal communication, which also can make it challenging to come across as personable and dynamic. However, if you are intentional, you can still make a strong impression via video by looking straight into the camera, smiling and nodding occasionally as you listen. When you speak, try to use a slightly more pronounced, upbeat tone than you would naturally to sound more personable. 


Presenting a Professional Appearance 

Hiring managers pay attention to the level of care you show in your appearance for your interview because it can be indicative to them to how seriously you take the opportunity and how professional your behavior will be if hired. 


Presenting a professional appearance for an in person interview is commonly known advice. It is best to wear business attire that is wrinkle-free and properly fitting. 


The basics of professional presentation is quite different for virtual interviews since you are mainly visible from the chest up. While you should wear a simple, business top, you also need to pay attention to the professional appearance of your background. Select a simple, clutter-free area with flattering lighting and minimal noise so interviewers are not distracted and can clearly see and hear you. 


Find New Opportunities 

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