When assessing candidates during the hiring process, one of the most effective predictors of success to identify is self-motivation. When employees have an internal drive to work hard because it is personally fulfilling to them, they are more likely to be productive, engaged team players. How do you spot this trait during the interview process? Here are ways to know you have found driven prospective employees:



How much time and effort a candidate puts into preparing for the interview can tell you a lot about how much drive they have. Observe how much research they appear to have done on your company through the specificity of their responses. If it is evident they have reviewed your website, social media, recent press releases, etc., then it is likely they will have that same level of attention and effort to their work if hired. 



Being driven generally comes from having a spark of passion that makes it feel personally rewarding to work hard. Listen carefully to how much enthusiasm a candidate has when they talk about their careers. Those who are excited by the industry and their job roles are more proactive and willing to go above and beyond. 



When you ask about weaknesses, or times in which candidates have made mistakes in the past, carefully gauge their transparency in how they respond. Those with self-awareness will be able to honestly discuss instances in which they were not at their best, and how they resolved the issue and grew from it. Candidates who are self-aware are able to objectively assess their behaviors and tendencies and look for opportunities to improve themselves, which leads to being better performers. 



Communication skills are absolutely crucial for employees to be successful contributors, especially in a team setting. However, effective communication requires intention and effort. Candidates who put the time and work into honing their skills in being clear communicators, both verbally and in writing, are more likely to be driven employees. 



Among the best indicators of future success is past success. Candidates who have a proven track record of results and have demonstrated their drive through metrics, achievements, accolades, and professional growth, will generally also be top performers if hired onto your team because they cultivate a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. 


Attract Top Talent 

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