The first week at a new job is an exciting new start, but can also be very nerve-wracking. There is so much to learn, new people to meet, and an unfamiliar environment to navigate – all while trying to prove the company made the right choice in hiring you and that you will be a top performer. Set yourself up for a successful start – learn more about what you should do during your first week at a new job:


Make a Good First Impression

The impression you leave during your first week at a new job will remain long after, so it is crucial to ensure you make a good one. Dress professionally and according to the dress code, be punctual, and aim to be as pleasant and helpful as possible. 


Get to Know People

Introduce yourself to your new colleagues during your first week. This will not only help you understand the roles people have within the organization and how they align with your work duties, but also acclimate you into feeling like part of the team and make the workplace less intimidating. 


Take Lots of Notes

So much information is thrown your way during the first week at a new job that it will be challenging to absorb it all at the time. Take lots of notes that you can refer to so you can get yourself up to speed quickly, be self-sufficient, and gain confidence in your new role. 


Ask Questions

When you are new, your boss and colleagues expect you to have lots of questions. Although it can feel uncomfortable, asking questions demonstrates that you care about learning the information you need to do a good job and be a valuable contributor. However, be proactive about trying to track down information yourself before asking others. 


Clarify Expectations

A common cause of anxiety when you start at a new workplace is wondering if your new boss thinks you’re doing a good job. Clarify expectations with your manager about expectations for your performance. Ask about how success will be measured as you settle into the role and the expected timeline of easing out of onboarding and taking on more tasks. 


Observe the Culture

Every workplace has its own culture, from how people communicate and the level of formality to how often they take breaks or how they dress. It is best practice when starting a new job to be observant of the culture and get a sense of how to behave in a way that aligns with it. Some aspects will be more subtle than others, so being intentional about observing the culture will prevent you from making missteps that you find embarrassing or shake your confidence. 


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