When you are dealing with a heavy workload, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to best utilize your efforts. However, if you are not proactive with your strategy, you may end up being constantly busy without having results to show for it. This can quickly become overly stressful and lead to burnout. If you have too much to do, here is how to manage your workload more effectively:


Develop Criteria for Prioritizing 

When you are frazzled in the moment with a mounting To Do list, everything seems urgent and it can be difficult to make an objective decision on what to work on first. Develop criteria for prioritizing tasks to determine what order to tackle them, such as based on your annual goals or due date. This will serve as guidance for making decisions that best serve your objectives. 


Plan Your Day Strategically

Maximizing your productivity isn’t just about managing your time – it also requires carefully managing your motivation and focus levels so you can get more done with less effort. Plan your day strategically – play to your strengths and personal tendencies. For example, if you are at your most energetic in the morning, plan to work on your more mentally taxing or deep thinking work. Then, schedule time to handle lower level administrative tasks when you hit your afternoon lull. 


Create a Detailed Action Plan

When you have a heavy workload, it can be difficult to squeeze in time for extensive uninterrupted sessions to work on major projects. To make progress, even during hectic times, break down the project into the smallest actions as you can. Work backwards from the due date and create a detailed action plan consisting of all the steps needed to complete the project. This way, even when you are crunched for time, you can work on a small task and feel confident you are making progress. 


Schedule Regular Breaks

If you try to power through and work as many hours as possible without stopping, you will start to run out of mental energy and be more likely to make mistakes. Schedule regular breaks, such as a five minute break every 30 minutes or a 15 minute break every 90 minutes. Experiment to figure out what type of break schedule works best for your stamina, and then commit to taking them. Remind yourself that a small amount of time away from working will help you accomplish more overall. 


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