Job satisfaction plays a big role in your overall well-being – the more aligned your job is with your values, skills, and passion, the less likely you are to be stressed or disengaged. However, when you’re job searching, it can be challenging to figure out what jobs to pursue that will be right for you. If you’re having a hard time finding a job you’ll love, check out these tips:


Clarify Your Interests

Take some time to reflect on what you find most enjoyable professionally and clarify your interests. Think about times you were in a state of flow and didn’t even notice or mind how long something was taking, what skills come naturally to you or positive feedback you have received in the past. A job you’ll love is generally a combination of what you are passionate about and your personal strengths. 


Consider the Big Picture

A job’s set of responsibilities and paycheck are often not the main factors in job satisfaction – what tends to make the most impact is the type of work environment. When you’re trying to land a job that you will enjoy, consider the big picture, such as the type of industry, team size, culture, schedule, etc. Narrow down what workplace factors you find most appealing so you can look for positions with companies that align with your preferences. 


Get Input From Others

Outside perspectives can be enlightening, so if you are trying to determine what type of job you’ll love, get input from others. Ask people who know you well on a personal or professional level, such as a friend, mentor, or former colleague, what type of work they think you would excel in or what they would consider your professional strengths and skillsets. It may just spark an idea of what you want to pursue. 


Expand Your Sources

If you’re in the difficult position of knowing what type of job you want to find but are not having any success in tracking down job postings that you want to apply for, it may mean you need to switch up where you get your job leads. Expand your sources for postings – for example, rather than sticking to general online job boards, look into industry-specific forums or reach out to a recruiter to gain access to unlisted openings. 


Find New Opportunities 

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