When you successfully hire top talent, the next step is even more important: retention. High turnover rates can have negative effects on your company, including lost productivity, expenses associated with recruiting and training, and lower overall morale. If you are having trouble keeping your best employees, check out these tips on how to retain them:


Verify Compensation Aligns with Current Market 

Even if your employees are satisfied with their jobs at your organization, if they find out they could receive significantly higher pay elsewhere, it can be tempting for them to leave. Verify that the compensation you offer them aligns with current market rates, such as by reviewing job postings or online salary websites. 


Encourage Work-Life Balance

Burnout is a very real risk for top performers, especially those who may feel they have to work an excessive amount of hours or not take time off. This can lead them to reach their limit and eventually quit. Show that you care about their overall well-being by encouraging work-life balance – make sure they use their paid time off and stick to boundaries by not contacting them outside of working hours. 


Show Regular Appreciation

Your best employees work hard and provide high value to the organization, but they may not realize that you recognize their effort unless you make it a point to communicate that. Show regular appreciation by acknowledging and thanking them whenever they go above and beyond – a simple “Thank you” can go a long way in keeping your team happy. 


Offer Professional Development

Your top performers generally have a strong work ethic and are ambitious, which is likely what contributes to their drive to excel. However, this also means they are unlikely to be content with a lack of growth and may end up having to leave if they feel they are in a dead-end job. Offer professional development opportunities to help them advance their skill sets and move up within your company rather than going elsewhere. 


Prioritize a Positive Culture

Since employees spend such a significant amount of their time in their workplace, the quality of the culture can impact their decision on whether to stay or leave – even more so than their amount of pay. Prioritize a positive culture in which employees feel like they are respected as part of a team. Plan group lunches or outings, encourage casual interaction unrelated to work, recognize their personal milestones, and simply lead by example by making it a point to be friendly and engaging. 


Attract Top Talent 

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