Creativity can feel like a hit-or-miss process – some new ideas just flow effortlessly out of you, while other times, you feel completely stuck. Are you in a creative rut? Here are some tips to help you get out of it:


Get Moving

When you are having a mental slump, getting away from your computer can help. Focus on physical activity, even just a short walk, to get your blood flowing. This can give your brain a break from concentrated deep thinking, allowing you to tap into creative thinking by relaxing and letting your mind wander. 


Partake in Outside Creative Activities

Sitting at your desk and trying to force yourself to come up with new ideas stifles the free thinking that leads to creativity. Instead, switch things up by trying out other creative activities that are not related to work, such as writing a short story, painting, or crafting, to facilitate thinking in a new way.


Seek Out Inspiration

If you can’t currently think creatively, go browsing to see what other professionals in your field are coming up with. Their creative works can help inspire you or at least reinvigorate your excitement, reducing the frustration that could be causing your creativity block. 


Challenge Yourself

Creativity can wane when you are in a complacent or monotonous period at work. Sharpen your creativity by giving yourself a new goal or professional project to pursue without the pressure of external expectations. 


Find Motivational Support

Reach out to a mentor or trusted colleague, or professional contact to get advice on what has helped them get out of their creative ruts. Having support can help your mood and boost your motivation. 


Liven Up Your Workspace

Your surroundings have the potential to impact your creativity – if you have a cluttered or bland workspace, it can be difficult to think in new ways. Add in some fun accents that give you joy to look at, such as photos, art prints, witty quotes, or whimsical figurines, to make the workspace one that perks you up. 


Take a Break

Creativity cannot be forced on demand. If you simply cannot get out of your rut, stop trying for a while. Take a break, whether that’s 15 minutes during the workday or a full-on vacation, and return with a renewed mindset. 


Find the Right Job for You

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