Effective goal setting is the foundation of a successful year for your business. They help guide your team’s efforts to ensure their hard work leads to tangible results that align with the company’s overall priorities. Here is how to review and set new goals for your team for higher productivity this year:


Assess the Previous Year

If you set goals for last year, take a look at their outcomes, so you can determine where to make necessary changes. Consider how beneficial they were to making a valuable contribution to the business’s bigger picture mission, as well as any setbacks that kept them from being achieved.


Focus on the Objective 

When you’re setting goals, productivity will organically occur if there is a clear purpose behind them. Focus on the objective you want to achieve, and then narrow down possible projects or actions that would help get you closer to them – i.e., prioritize the “why” over the “what”. 


Get Clarity 

Once you have a sense of the bigger-picture initiatives you want to accomplish, clarify the specific tasks that would advance your team toward the desired outcome. Be as detailed as possible and break down goals into the smallest steps to make them less intimidating and provide a clear plan for making progress. 


Get Team Buy In

Involve your employees in your goal setting and ask for their input and feedback in developing goals and determining how realistic they are. Not only will this ensure your goals are likely to be effective and doable, but it will also make them feel more invested in the process and likely to go above and beyond.


Establish Accountability 

When you first set goals, you and your employees will likely have an initial wave of excitement. However, it can be challenging to maintain that motivation during the day-to-day, especially during busy or stressful times. Check progress regularly as a way to establish accountability – schedule recurring meetings to ensure goals are moving forward and address any challenges. 


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