Flexibility in the workplace, such as by offering employees the ability to adapt their schedules or work environment to meet their personal needs and preferences, does not require much effort on the part of management and organizations. However, the payoff for this willingness to be open-minded to what employees desire can be significant from a business standpoint. Learn more about the importance of being a flexible manager and business:



When the competition is high in a tight labor market, being an employer that embraces flexibility can make you more attractive to top talent. Even if you are not able to offer as high of a salary, your offer could still be more compelling to candidates who find that flexibility would provide more value to their life than a bigger paycheck. 



Giving employees the opportunity to work in a manner that aligns with their personal obligations and professional tendencies can organically boost productivity. By removing rigid barriers and encouraging flexibility, your employees will be able to eliminate distractions and work more efficiently to accomplish more with less stress. For example, allowing employees to work from home a few days a week to eliminate a long commute allows them to use that saved time to get work done. 



When you offer flexibility to your employees, it sends a clear message that management and the business as a whole cares about their experience and ensuring they are satisfied with their working conditions. This improves the overall morale of the workplace, which then increases employee engagement since a happy team is one that is willing to go above and beyond for the good of the organization. 



High turnover rates are bad for business, from wasted time and resources to lost productivity and a risk of burnout for the remaining staff. Offering flexibility to your employees can increase retention rates because they will be less likely to leave for another company who may not allow for the same work-life balance or other related benefits that make their professional situation satisfactory. 

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