Job searching is often filled with emotional highs and lows, from the initial excitement about an opportunity to dealing with the self-confidence issues that may arise when you are not selected. Unfortunately, getting rejected for jobs is truly part of the process; therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to handle it with your pride intact so you can be in a better position to successfully achieve your job search goals. Don’t let job rejection break your heart – move on with these steps:

React in a Professional Manner

The way you respond to a job rejection can determine if you build a positive reputation that could keep you in consideration for future opportunities. React in a professional manner – thank them for taking the time to meet with you and that you would be grateful if they kept your contact information for other openings down the road. 


Establish a Connection

Often when you are not selected for a job, it is only by a narrow margin. Establish a connection with the hiring manager by sending them a LinkedIn request – if they have openings in the future, you will easily be able to be contacted. Plus, it shows that you are professional and still enthusiastic about working for them, even if you were turned down this time. 


Request Feedback

Empower yourself by reframing a job rejection as an opportunity to grow. Request feedback politely and without expectation – ask if they could provide you with any tips for improvement or insight into why you weren’t what they were looking for. There is a chance they may not be able to give you feedback due to company policies, but if they are able and willing, you could gain valuable information for going forward. 


Reflect on Your Actions

Take some time to think through objectively how the hiring selection process went. Reflect on your actions and determine what areas you seemed particularly strong in and other aspects that perhaps you could try to improve or change tactics on. This can give you a starting point to take control to reassess your strategy, and get closer to your desired outcome in your job search endeavors. 


Practice Positive Self-Talk

As upsetting as a job rejection can be, it does not mean you are a failure. Practice positive self-talk in the aftermath of being rejected – remind yourself of your achievements and skills and that you are a talented professional who will eventually find the right opportunity. 


Explore New Opportunities

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