Job interviews can be high-pressure situations, making you understandably nervous. However, it’s important to not let your anxiety get in the way of you demonstrating that you believe in your ability to excel in the role and be the best choice to hire. Check out these tips on how to be confident during a job interview:


Practice Breathing Exercises

The culprit behind sounding shaky is generally due to taking rapid short breaths while talking. Deep breathing can help you slow down and sound more steady and confident during your interview. Practice inhaling through your abdomen and then slowly exhaling, which will result in natural pauses and keep you more in control of your speech. 


Visualize the Ideal Outcome

To feel confident in your interview outcome, you have to truly believe it will be successful. Imagine in precise detail how your interview will play out, from your arrival to your introductions to answering the hiring manager’s questions with ease. 


Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It is absolutely essential to treat yourself with kindness and remind yourself of all you have to offer to an employer. Repeat to yourself your qualifications, skills, achievements, etc. to boost your confidence before your interview. 


Prepare Key Points

Interviews are often so nerve-wracking because of the feeling of not knowing what to expect. Be as prepared as possible by deciding ahead of time what key points you want the hiring manager to know about you, and rehearse delivering them until they come naturally to you, even when you’re flustered. 


Focus Your Body Language

One of the most influential factors that contribute to how confident you come across is your body language. Master your non-verbal communication so you can command respect as you meet and interact with the interview. Practice maintaining proper posture, making eye contact, smiling, and avoiding fidgeting or other nervous gestures. 


Connect with Authenticity

Ultimately, you should not be aiming to impress the hiring manager – this can backfire and make you feel like you have to put on an insincere act. Instead, your goal should be to make a connection with the hiring manager and establish a rapport. Respond as your authentic, professional self and simply aim to have a conversation with a fellow person where you get to know one another – this will ensure your natural confidence shines through. 


Find the Right Job for You

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