Being in a position of authority is not necessarily the same as being considered a leader. Effective leadership requires developing and implementing particular characteristics to guide employees to be motivated to succeed and achieve departmental and organizational goals. Learn more about how to become a better leader:


Since employees look to leadership to provide direction on where to focus their efforts and what results they should aim for, it is crucial to set clear expectations. When you are assigning any task or project, communicate in direct terms all details, such as the deadline, how to prioritize it within their workloads, or anything else you are expecting from them. 


A common issue employees experience is not feeling like they can trust leadership. This is often because leaders are not transparent enough when it comes to communication and sharing information, so employees question their motives. Make it a priority to facilitate a trustworthy relationship with your employees – keep them in the loop as much as possible with company happenings and express interest and get to know them to create a connection. 


From making decisions to coaching employees, it is essential for leaders to be able to understand other people’s perspectives. The best leaders are those who are empathetic to the experiences and feelings of others. Proactively ask for your employees’ insight to use as a foundation for determining the best approaches to conversations and overall processes. 


Leaders are not respected if they are seen as unreliable or contradictory in their words and actions. Hold yourself accountable for being consistent with how you treat your specific employees and handle situations. If your team sees you only correcting behaviors of certain employees and not others, or you are doing something you wouldn’t accept from others, it can make them question your judgment. 


Among the core competencies for leaders is the ability to coach each of their individual employees with tailored approaches that will most effectively motivate and help them reach their potential. It requires getting to know each of your employees and understanding the motivation style that will work best and be most encouraging to them. 


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