Job searchers often find themselves in the common scenario of reviewing a job description and getting excited about pursuing it – only to read the preferred qualifications and realizing they don’t meet them. Although it’s important to be realistic when applying for jobs, that doesn’t mean you won’t be considered just because you don’t have the specific qualifications listed. Get hired while being underqualified with these tips:

Focus on Transferable Skills

Your past experience is likely more relevant than you may think. When you are applying, focus on your transferable skills, which are essential across roles. This can include skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and technology. Also, highlight your qualifications from previous roles that are somewhat related – i.e., even if you don’t have experience with specific software, showing that you have worked with various other software in the past shows your aptitude and likelihood you could learn another. 

Demonstrate Adaptability and Upskilling

Often when hiring managers are facing a tight labor market, they understand they will be unlikely to find a candidate pool with all of their desired qualifications. Instead, they will evaluate applicants based on their potential to do the job. Demonstrate your adaptability and upskilling in the past, and give examples of when you had to be trained in a completely new area or skill to get hiring managers to take a chance on selecting and training you.

Craft a Compelling Cover Letter

Take the opportunity to tell your professional story. Discuss why you would still excel in the role, even if you’re underqualified. Craft a compelling cover letter in which you communicate why you are a great fit for the job, and how your experience and skills would make you a successful hire. 

Build Your Network

If you are experiencing difficulties in getting contacted at all when you apply for jobs you’re underqualified for, having someone give you a recommendation directly to a hiring manager can help you get noticed and considered. Build your network, such as by reaching out to former colleagues on LinkedIn, attending professional events, or partnering with a recruiter. 


Explore New Opportunities

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