Your resume should communicate your experience and skills to hiring managers in a simple and quick manner. If you are applying for jobs you are qualified for and not hearing back, your resume could be the issue. Check out these easy resume mistakes that could be hurting your job chances:

You Don’t Proofread for Errors

Typos and grammatical mistakes on your resume can make hiring managers question your level of professionalism. If you aren’t taking the time and effort to proofread your resume when you should be trying to make the best impression possible, they may be concerned that you wouldn’t be an effective employee if hired. 

It Lacks Detail

Hiring managers want to feel confident in thoroughly understanding not just your work history, but how you performed in those roles. Ensure your resume contains specific metrics and achievements, rather than just listing off general job duties. For example, “Managed a budget of $XYZ” would be more informative and compelling than “Managed department budget.”

You Don’t Customize It

Creating your resume is not a one-time task – if you are submitting the same generic version for every job you apply for, you could be missing out on making a positive impression. Tailor your resume each time to highlight your most relevant skills for the specific position, such as reordering your experience section bullet points or removing unrelated qualifications.  

The Language Isn’t Actionable 

Review the bullet points throughout the experience section of your resume – what type of wording do you use? Passive language (i.e., “Responsible for”) is not as compelling as active voice in which you begin with a powerful verb (i.e., “Developed”, “Led”, “Facilitated.”). Update your resume with actionable language to be more eye-catching and concise. 

It Isn’t Easy to Scan

Even if your resume is packed with useful information and impressive qualifications, if it’s difficult to briefly review then you could be hurting your chances of being truly considered. Ensure your resume is easy to scan. Avoid too much text overall and use formatting to break up sections, such as with bullet points and headings, to give adequate white spacing. This will make it less overwhelming to the eye. 


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