When your employees are chronically stressed, it can negatively impact productivity, morale, engagement, and retention. Although some work-related stress is normal, an excessive and prolonged state of stress must be addressed before it’s too late and you lose top talent. Learn more about how to reduce employee stress in the workplace:

Encourage Work Life Balance

Boundaries are essential to prevent employees from being overwhelmed by working too much. Encourage work-life balance by not contacting employees outside of working hours, discouraging them from working an excessive number of hours in the office, and making it clear they will not be seen as lower performers for doing so.

Support Taking Time Off

If employees don’t rest, they won’t have a respite from their stress and will eventually run out of mental energy and approach burnout. Support taking time off, such as reminding employees to use their vacation time, suggesting to have their lunch breaks away from their workspaces, and to have quick breaks throughout the day to walk, get a drink, and recharge.

Focus on Open Communication

Being able to discuss contributing factors to stress can help you work together with your employees to reduce it. Focus on open communication by checking in with your team regularly to assess how they feel about their workload and deadlines, inquire about any challenges they are facing, and let them know you are there to listen and offer support.

Be Flexible

It is often just a few small changes in scheduling or work style that could make a major difference in your employees’ stress levels. Be flexible as much as possible and it will pay off with more productive and engaged employees. Be open to letting employees switch up their working hours or work from home on a hybrid basis, or whatever suggestions they have that would make their workdays easier on them.

Cultivate a Positive Culture

Feeling like part of a team and having good relationships with the people they work with in an upbeat, supportive environment can make a major difference in how stressed employees feel. Cultivate a positive culture by making it a point to recognize achievements, compliment and express appreciation, acknowledge milestones, encourage your employees to socialize together, and set aside time to have personal chats to get to know your employees and show you’re interested in them as individuals.

Attract Top Talent

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