From excessive workloads to being understaffed to having an ineffective manager, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to stress being such a common workplace issue. If it is not addressed, it can negatively impact your overall well-being as well as your career. Learn more about how stress can affect your work and how to overcome it:

Lack of Motivation

Being stressed can make your workload seem so overwhelming that you may struggle with a lack of motivation. This can lead to procrastination or disengagement with your work, in which you feel like what you do won’t make a difference or you don’t care about the outcome.

Change in Mood

Stress can negatively affect your work by contributing to changes in mood. It can cause you to be more irritable, anxious, or sad and potentially make you more prone to interpersonal conflict or being more upset by things that normally wouldn’t bother you, which can distract you from your work.

Decrease in Productivity

A major issue that stress can cause is that it simply makes it difficult to perform to your best ability. It can cause a decrease in productivity due to the aforementioned lack of motivation, as well as making it more difficult to concentrate and make logical decisions. It can not only reduce how much you accomplish but also make you more prone to mistakes that cost you time to fix.

Once you understand the negative impacts stress can have on your work, you can prioritize learning how to handle it before it becomes a major issue. You can overcome stress by:

Setting boundaries for your working hours to ensure you have a healthy work-life balance, especially if you ever work from home.

Making it a priority to take regular time off, such as using your vacation time and taking consistent breaks throughout your workday, like committing to not working through lunch.

Reaching out for support when you need it, whether that’s asking your boss for help prioritizing your workload and clarifying expectations or connecting with your colleagues for advice, or simply sharing experiences.


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