Your mental health is just as crucial to your well-being as your physical health and plays a major role in how you perform in the workplace. And just like with any health condition, prevention, and monitoring symptoms are essential for alleviating issues. Make it a point to assess your mood, stress levels, and coping strategies regularly and take action if you notice negative changes. Do you need to boost your mental health? Here are a few tips:


Try Out Relaxation Techniques

Learn what works best for you to calm yourself down instantly during stressful situations. Try out relaxation techniques to narrow down what is most effective for you, such as deep breathing, counting, focusing on a particular visual point, or repeating a positive word of phrase in your head. Being able to remain in control of your mind during circumstances that could trigger you can prevent you from ruminating and causing yourself more stress or anxiety.


Practice Gratitude

When your workday is exacerbating your mental health struggles, it can improve your mood if you try to approach your thoughts about work in a new way. Practice gratitude by actively looking for aspects of your job that you are thankful for and enjoy and listing them in your head or writing them down. This can help you pay more attention to the good things so your mind doesn’t remain distracted by what is causing you distress. 


Reframe Your Self-Talk

If your mental health is in need of a boost, it is highly likely that your self-talk or the internal dialogue or thoughts you have about yourself are in a negative tone (i.e., “This is too complicated for me to learn,” or “I don’t have what it takes to do this.”). Reframe your self-talk and proactively speak to yourself in a positive way to counteract any automatic negative thoughts that are impacting your confidence and mood, such as “I have overcome mistakes before and I will do it again.”


Prioritize Leisure Time

Often drops in mental health are due to being overwhelmed and exhausted, so give yourself a break. Prioritize leisure time so you can recharge. Include more moments of joy or peace in your day, such as reading a book, having a cup of coffee, going for a walk, playing sports, etc. 


Connect with Colleagues

Sometimes just having someone else to listen and validate your feelings is enough to make you feel better, even if nothing is resolved. Connect with your colleagues, who are in the position to truly understand your workplace stress. Reach out and spend time together, such as group lunches or outings. Share your experiences and give each other tips on how to prevent work issues from keeping you down.  


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