Once you get your start in the production sector, there are a variety of possibilities for your career path. As you get more experience on your resume in the production roles, you may be ready to start thinking about what the professional future holds and how you can start making progress and moving up the ladder. Learn more about actionable strategies for growing your career in production roles:


Research Possibilities 

Take some time to see what specific areas your current production experience relates to, so you can determine where to focus your efforts. Research the possibilities for career growth and decide what would most align with your interests, strengths, and qualifications. Common advanced career paths for production roles include management, technician, operations, technician, quality assurance, logistics, or engineer. 


Stay Up-to-Date on the Industry 

Having a clear understanding of the state of the industry, such as current news, trends, projected changes, and any other hot topic issues, is essential for professional development for production roles. Stay up-to-date on the industry, such as by subscribing to email newsletters, reading LinkedIn posts from thought leaders, and listening to podcasts, so you can have the necessary insight to be the best you can be at your current role and prepare for the future, such as particular areas that will be in hot demand or job duties or processes that are likely to change or become unnecessary. 


Build New Skills

In order to get considered for a promotion or find a new job at a higher level elsewhere, you will need to boost your qualifications. Build new skills that are relevant to your desired career path in production, such as by taking training courses, earning certifications, or even pursuing a degree program. Employers are often open and willing to invest in their workers and pay for additional upskilling, so you may not even have to foot the bill. 


Gain Experience

The challenging aspect of career advancement is the struggle of not having enough experience to get considered for new roles. Gain experience and build your resume as much as you can to demonstrate to hiring managers you have what it takes to move up in your production career. If you are having difficulty finding jobs to build your professional foundation, consider working with a staffing firm to connect you with production roles that will help you accomplish your goals. 


Find New Opportunities in the Akron Area

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