Industries in Akron overall are resilient in overcoming economic difficulties and bouncing back. However, suppose you are navigating your job search and want to establish a career that is more likely to have longevity. In that case, there are certain sectors that tend to have more staying power and not be as impacted by changes in the economic forecast. Learn more about recession-proof industries to help you determine where to focus your job search: 



Healthcare is a necessity, no matter what the economy is like. People of all ages will always need to treat conditions and injuries, so there will always be a requirement for services from the healthcare industry. Some entry-level job possibilities for the healthcare industry that don’t require extensive healthcare education include medical front office support, medical billing and collections, or medical records specialist. 


Financial Services

Even if individuals and companies cut their spending budgets during tough economic times, some financial services will continue to have demand, such as those related to operational processes and expenses and regulatory compliance. If you are interested in the financial services industry, some stable jobs in the field to consider include accounting, collections, payroll, and bookkeeping. 


Information Technology

From software to apps to smart devices, technology is ingrained in our everyday personal and professional lives. This means that the information technology industry’s products and services will generally remain a necessity, regardless of the economy. To get your foot in the door working in information technology, some job possibilities to pursue include IT support and data entry. 



Logistics refers to the management of supply chain, and getting products distributed from production to storage to delivery. This industry is critical to businesses across sectors that are involved with making money from the sale of physical items, so there will typically be high rates of job security if you pursue the logistics industry. Some potential jobs to consider in the logistics industry include warehouse associate, forklift operator, shipping and receiving, and quality control. 


Find the Right Job for You in Akron, OH

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