The job market can vary significantly by the area you live and the industry you work in, so it is helpful to gather as much insight that is geared toward your specific circumstances. As a job seeker in Akron, seeking out credible sources for job market projections can make your search as successful as possible. According to the Ohio Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation Top Jobs List and PrideStaff Akron’s clients’ job openings, here are some of the most in-demand industries in Akron for 2024:


1. Accounting and Finance

The accounting and finance industry has traditionally been an in-demand industry and is unlikely to change anytime soon. Businesses of all types require the services of accounting and finance professionals to maintain operations, comply with regulations, and handle taxes. There are a variety of positions in the accounting and finance industry to pursue, including accounts payable specialist, staff accountant, bookkeeper, audit manager, or tax manager.


2. Warehouse and Distribution

The warehouse and distribution industry is the backbone of all businesses that deal with physical products and the demand remains high for these roles. The number of openings is high, and the barrier for entry is on the lower side – however, there are many opportunities for growth into more senior-level positions, so it isn’t a dead-end field. Jobs to pursue in the warehouse and distribution sector include warehouse associate, forklift operator, material handler, or delivery driver.


3. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry may change and evolve, but it certainly continues to have job openings with high demand. Whether you want to be hands-on with the production line or more involved in the development of processes, there are a variety of different roles to pursue with varying levels of advancement and pay, from machine operator to engineer. However, the higher you go, the more education will likely be required.


4. Customer Service

Customer service representatives are critical roles for companies across sectors. Working in customer service, whether at a physical company headquarters location or in a call center, in an in-demand job category, with many opportunities to pursue. These roles can be valuable in gaining transferrable skills for your resume, as the ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve will always be necessary in any workplace.


5. Administrative

Clerical office support is required for a wide range of organizations of all types, so administrative roles continue to be in demand in Akron. Common jobs in the administrative field include receptionist, general office manager, data entry, transcriptionist, appointment scheduler, or record/documentation specialist. This is also a type of role that can be beneficial in boosting your resume with transferrable skills that can apply for many other types of future jobs across sectors.


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