Temporary-to-hire is a type of employment in which workers are hired on a probationary basis and extended a permanent offer after a designated timeframe if the employer is satisfied with the performance conditions. These types of roles aren’t just helpful to employers who can mitigate their risk of making the wrong hiring choice – as a job seeker, you can also greatly benefit from pursuing these opportunities.

Discover Advantages of Temporary-to-Hire Positions in Akron:


Build Your Resume

If you are experiencing challenges getting considered for permanent roles due to circumstances like being a recent graduate, changing careers, or reentering the workforce after an extended period, temporary-to-hire employment can improve your chances of getting your foot in the door with employers and help you build your resume. There tends to be a lower barrier to entry since employers can preview how you perform, so they may be more willing to take a chance on you.


Develop Marketable Skills

Temporary-to-hire work is a great way to boost your qualifications and develop marketable skills that can help you make progress in your long-term career goals. Even if a particular role doesn’t end up being a match for you, it is still a learning opportunity that can expose you to new people and processes and sharpen your technical and soft skills.


Evaluate Company Culture

It’s not just the employer who gets a sneak peek into what you are like as an employee with temporary-to-hire – it is also an opportunity for you to evaluate the company culture and make sure you feel it’s the right fit for you before you are committed to a permanent role. Company culture is a major factor in job satisfaction, often even more than salary or the work itself, so it’s essential to be confident that you’ll align with the workplace.


Try New Roles

The flexibility of temporary-to-hire jobs in Akron can work to your advantage if you’re considering what direction you’d like to take your career. These types of positions allow you to try new roles without job hopping. It can be overwhelming to decide on what professional path to take, but temporary-to-hire can give you hands-on experience without you feeling stuck if you realize something isn’t suitable for your skills and preferences.


Find the Right Temp to Hire Job In Akron for You


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