First-shift positions generally start work around 8–9 a.m. but can also be earlier in the morning. This type of schedule is one of the more common opportunities in many different industries. If you are considering pursuing one of the numerous first shift positions available with PrideStaff, there are a variety of benefits they can have on your professional goals and your lifestyle preferences.  Discover five advantages of first-shift jobs:


1. Work-Life Balance

First shifts tend to be standard across fields, so if you opt to work earlier in the day, it increases the likelihood that your routine aligns better with your personal obligations and leisure activities. This contributes to having a better work-life balance than if your off time is when most people are sleeping and businesses are closed. 


2. Health Benefits

Working later shifts tends to conflict with most people’s natural sleep rhythms, making them more likely to suffer from difficulties getting consistent and restorative sleep. First shift hours are more conducive to the body’s circadian cycle as you are awake and working when it’s light out and able to sleep when it’s dark, which is optimal for restful sleep and overall health. 


3. Improved Productivity

The aforementioned mental and physical well-being benefits of first shift work also can lead to yet another advantage professionally: increasing your alertness and ability to focus. When you are less stressed and more well-rested, you are in a better position to be more productive at work and have a higher quantity and quality of results with less effort.


4. Professional Growth 

Later shifts, in general, have less interaction with customers/vendors, colleagues and leadership, due to the first shift being more traditional business hours. Although it can be easier to concentrate and tackle duties, that lack of face-to-face contact with others can potentially hinder your career as it significantly reduces your ability to network. With the first shift, you are more likely to interact with others more regularly. This can help you form more professional relationships, leading to more promotion consideration opportunities or other growth opportunities.


5. Job Satisfaction

With the various advantages of first shift work on your personal and professional life, it can lead to a greater sense of job satisfaction. When your job allows you to have a regular routine that is optimal for your overall well-being, it can make you feel happier with your circumstances at work and home.


Find New Opportunities in Akron! 

Land the right first-shift job for you by teaming up with PrideStaff Akron to explore the possibilities. We work with employers in the Akron area for their hiring needs and can match you with the job opportunities that are the best fit for you. Search our database of current available jobs for first shift.

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