It can be difficult to navigate a transparent working relationship with your boss in Akron, OH. Due to their position of power, it can be challenging to determine how to be open yet still professional, particularly for hard topics, like disagreements or providing constructive feedback. However, working to establish an open dynamic can positively impact your relationship, job satisfaction, and advancement opportunities.

Check Out These Six Tips for Being Honest With Your Employer:


1. Have the Right Mindset

Constructively approach the situation and have the right mindset of it being a productive conversation that is nothing to get emotionally charged about, even in Akron, OH. Regardless of the topic you want to talk to your boss about and how uncomfortable it may seem, remember that being open with your perspective is intended to be mutually beneficial. This mindset shift can hopefully make you feel more confident in starting conversations with your boss and contribute to building a trustworthy relationship organically over time. 


2. Stay Neutral 

Treat all conversations in a purely objective manner and stay neutral. No matter what you’re discussing, don’t make assumptions, assign blame, or otherwise use an angry, frustrated, or upset tone. Stick to the facts only, and don’t use language that could be taken as confrontational. 


3. Practice Empathy 

It can be much easier to establish a more open and direct relationship with your employer if you practice empathy for them. Consider situations from your boss’s perspective and think about their responsibilities, pressures, and what may go into their decision-making. The more you try to understand where your employer is coming from, the easier and less intimidating it may be to start discussions. 


4. Clarify Your Thoughts 

Before any conversation you have with your employer in which you want to share your transparent feedback or bring up potentially difficult topics, clarify your thoughts ahead of time. Be prepared with what exactly you want to talk about, your key points, and your overall goals for the conversation. This will help ensure you are presenting yourself intentionally and effectively, and don’t make any inadvertent errors that damage your credibility or otherwise make the discussion not helpful. 


5. Be Accountable

To be honest with your employer, you must prioritize your sense of ownership for your actions and be accountable for them in your conversations. Avoid making excuses or trying to justify mistakes you have made. Be direct about your choices and actions, what you have learned from them, and how they will influence your decisions in the future. 


6. Focus on Solutions

When you want to give feedback to your employer about improvements that could made on their end, it is essential to focus on solutions to prevent the conversation from taking a negative turn. Make difficult topics conducive to productive conversations by being ready to talk about what specific actions could be implemented rather than reiterating how it’s frustrating or who is at fault. This will make it clear that you have positive and productive intentions. 


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