6 Ways to Proofread Your Resume to Avoid Silly Errors


Job Search

Ask anyone in HR who has read resumes, and they will tell you that the number of people who manage to send in ones with errors is astounding. A poorly proofread resume goes straight into the trash, so take care to carefully proofread every bit of it before the hours of work you put into… Read more »

Help your friends. Get paid. It’s that simple!


Do you know someone who dreads heading into work each and every day? We can help you, help them.  And you’ll get rewarded too! If you know someone currently looking for employment, or someone that might benefit from a change in scenery, let us know. Simply complete this short Refer a Friend form and we’ll get to… Read more »

Eliminating Boss Mentality: Becoming a Leader


As someone in charge of others, you have enormous responsibility. You want to take charge in such a way that you get the most out of your employees by being firm but fair. Respected but not necessarily feared. Here are some tips to rid your self of the stereotypical “boss” mentality and become known as… Read more »