How to Prepare for an Important Second Job Interview


PrideStaff Akron

The fact that you got through the first interview felt nerve-wracking and thrilling enough, and now you discover you’ve made it to the next level, the coveted second interview. How do you prepare for this one differently than you did for the first?  How do the expectations differ? Specifics. The first interview tends toward more… Read more »

Our 3-Step Process to Wow in Every Job Interview


When you finally land that coveted interview, you want to find that magic formula that will have the interviewers leaping up at the end of it to offer you the job. Well … that might be a tall order, but we can give you a three-step process to leave interviewers with the best possible impression,… Read more »

Are You Making These Five Interview Mistakes?


In this day and age with the dozens (sometimes hundreds) of applications sent in for just one position, earning an interview means you’ve gotten yourself out of the pile and into the next round for a position, often as a finalist. As such, you need to take the interview seriously and avoid making certain mistakes… Read more »