4 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees Every Day


PrideStaff Akron

If you want to prove yourself a great leader, you need inspired “followers.” As someone in a position of leadership in your company, you want to present yourself to your employees as someone they want to work for and put forth their best efforts. Great leaders know how to accomplish this and gain both the… Read more »

How Strategic Planning Benefits Leaders at Every Level


Want a successful 2017? Then you need to make sure you have a successful strategic plan set up for that success. Of course, you likely have objectives and goals you want to meet and ideas of how to get it all done, but specific strategy (after all, the word strategy did come from the military… Read more »

Sure, You’re a Boss … But Are You a Leader?


Think back on the best boss you ever had. Was that person someone whom you feared or respected? Did she inspire you to do work, or did you do it because you had to — she was “the boss”? How did others feel about him as a superior? Do you, as a boss, emulate that… Read more »